Chief Executive and Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is made up of paid officers who work closely with our Cabinet which is made up of elected councillors. Our council has a Chief Executive, two Directors, an Assistant Chief Executive and a team of eight Heads of Service.

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Diane Tilley, Chief Executive

As Chief Executive and head of the paid service, Diane leads the organisation and translates councillors' aspirations into practical solutions and delivery. Diane works with the Mike Wilcox, Leader of the Council and the members of Cabinet. Diane heads up our Leadership Team which leads and shapes the organisation, in line with the council's ambitions, as set out in our Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020.

Diane also oversees the role of the Assistant Chief Executive:

Assistant Chief Executive

Supports the Chief Executive on a range of projects, including the council's Fit for the Future programme and transformation/commercialisation agendas.

If you would like to contact Diane, email:

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Richard King, Director of Place & Community

Richard helps to lead and shape the organisation in line with the council's ambitions, as set out in our Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020. Richard is responsible for the following roles and service areas:

  • Head of Development Services
  • Head of Leisure & Operational Services
  • Head of Economic Growth
  • Head of Regulatory Services, Housing & Wellbeing

Richard works closely with the council's Cabinet and is responsible to Diane Tilley, Chief Executive.

If you would like to contact Richard email:

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Neil Turner, Director of Transformation & Resources

Neil helps to lead and shape the organisation in line with the council's ambitions, as set out in our Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020. Neil is responsible for the following roles and service areas:

  • Head of Legal, Property and Democratic Services
  • Head of Corporate Services
  • Head of Revenues, Benefits and Customer Services
  • Head of Finance & Procurement

 Neil works closely with the council's Cabinet and is responsible to Diane Tilley, Chief Executive.

If you would like to contact Neil email:

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Our Heads of Service

We have eight heads of service who are responsible for key areas of the council's activities. These are:

Place & Community Heads of Service

Head of Economic Growth

Major development projects, including Friarsgate. Car parking management and strategy. Civil parking enforcement. Business support and inward investment. City/town centre development. Lichfield City Centre development strategy. Planning policy. Development plans and implementation. HS2. Tourism and the visitor economy, including the tourist information centre. CCTV. 

Head of Development Services

Development management. Development enforcement. Southern Staffordshire Building Control Partnership. Urban design and conservation. Land charges shared service. Environmental improvement projects. Countryside management and bio diversity.

Head of Leisure & Operational Services

Management of leisure centres. Management of parks and open spaces. Reservoir management. Leisure strategy and development. Sport development. Sports partnerships. Grounds maintenance. Street cleansing. Public toilets. Shopmobility. Abandoned vehicles. Depot management. Fleet management. Lichfield Garrick liaison.

Head of Regulatory Services

Homelessness and housing advice. Housing strategy and affordable housing. Housing and health partnerships. Affordable warmth. Disabled facilities grants. Food safety regulation and enforcement. Environmental protection, including pollution, nuisance, scrap metal dealers, stray dogs and pest control. Infectious disease control. Housing regulation Licensing. District Board. Community Safety Partnership. Locality commissioning. Small grants. Anti-social behaviour. Community transport. Community hubs. Safeguarding. Emergency planning and business continuity.

Transformation & Resources Heads of Service

Head of Finance & Procurement (S151 Officer)

Financial probity. Strategic financial management and planning. Treasury and investments. Revenue strategy. Capital strategy. Accounts payable. External funding procedures. Risk management strategy and procedures. Internal audit. Procurement strategy and  procedures.

Head of Legal, Property &
Democratic Services (Monitoring Officer)

Members’ services, including governance and advice. Electoral services. Management of the council’s property portfolio. Surveillance regulations (RIPA). Legal services, including probity and standards. Monitoring officer role. Data protection and freedom of information. Deeds.

Head of Corporate Services

Management of the IT estate and support service contract. Channel shift. Telephony provision. GIS Graphical information systems, including street naming & numbering. Health and safety. Insurance and risk management. HR services. Employee Liaison Group (industrial relations). Corporate communications, media relations and website/intranet support. Corporate strategic planning. Performance management. Complaints and compliments. MP enquiries. Ombudsman investigations. Research. Equalities. Asset management. Premises maintenance

Head of Revenues, Benefits &
Customer Services

Administration and collection of local taxation. Administration of housing benefits and local council tax support. Corporate debt recovery. Customer services (including reception and telephony).

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The role of Leadership Team

The role of directors is to lead the organisation to achieve the goals of the council as set out in our Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020.

All members of Leadership Team work to:

  • Enshrine our values, leading by example and embedding them across the council.
  • Bring influence to bear on all material business decisions to ensure immediate and longer term implications, opportunities and risks are fully considered, and aligned with our Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020.
  • Empower managers to innovate and be creative.
  • Develop and implement strategy and deliver our strategic objectives sustainably and in the public interest.
  • Look to the future.
  • Gather and share information and learning.
  • Ensure a ‘one council’ perspective is applied and on a consistent basis.
  • Connect, and jointly lead, with Cabinet.
  • Challenge and scrutinise policy decisions leading to proper decision making and value for money.

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